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Alicia Bailey—founder of Bailey Li Interiors is a self-taught interior designer and decorative artist specializing in commercial and residential design. She is a curator of artfully inspired, “insanely” stylish spaces and is a creative visionary who has the ability to transform spaces into stunning environments through her discerning eye. Bailey has made a reputation for herself through her famous hand-painted wall murals and textures that she envisions and paints herself without any formal training. Her breathtaking walls combined with her fresh and fearless design perspective are what make her stand out in the industry. Bailey, originally having a background in real estate and corporate sales, unknowingly began her journey into the world of interior design while working as a real estate agent in 2003. The interior designer and artist go by the belief that by transforming one’s space, you can transform their lives. She muses “Interior design has helped me uncover my true passion— bringing out the best in people by interpreting who they are at their core and translating that through their environments. The impact that my work has on my clients’ lives is truly the reward I seek. Bailey currently resides in the Valley Arts District of Orange, New Jersey. Her attention-grabbing work is featured in Essence Magazine’s November 2019 issue. Bailey was also selected by Authority magazine to be interviewed in a series called “Learning to Love Yourself” where entrepreneurs share their insight and give advice on self-acceptance and self-love. In addition, House Beautiful listed Bailey as one of 29  Black Designers Making History. Bailey’s unique ability to hand paint murals and textures was also noted in the article. Bailey was a guest panelist at The New York School of Interior Design for a discussion about how to break the mold in an industry where black interior designers have been underrepresented and widely overlooked. Her work has been mentioned in Forbes,, seen on NBC’s Open House NYC with Sarah Gore, Apartment Therapy, XONecole, and PBS’s State of the Arts, a program highlighting extraordinary people, communities, and works of art from around the world.

What's Next

“The future of design is about combining art and wellness into a space in major ways; for instance, commissioning a local artist to paint a mural or textured wall inspired by the client. This gives the inhabitants a similar experience to that of being in the presence of the artist in her/ his studio or at a gallery event. We can now literally bring that experience home and live it every day. We all know that our environments impact us and everything in them seeps into our subconscious mind thus effecting our mood & productivity. It’s now more important than ever that we carefully curate spaces that are inspirational and uplifting. Working with local artisans/ architects to create bespoke artistic and sculptural furniture pieces that give clients a one of a kind unique experience catered to their physical and spiritual needs is what’s new, now and forever in my opinion.”

  • Untitled design (49)

    I'm really loving rich midnight hues and copper tones to compliment. I can just imagine one of my gorgeous copper metallic hand-painted wall murals as the back drop.

    Alicia Bailey

    Bailey Li Interiors

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