Cullman & Kravis

Cullman & Kravis

CULLMAN & KRAVIS ASSOCIATES is known for providing the highest quality of design excellence and personal service since 1984. The AD 100 Hall of Fame firm is redefining the traditional interior with a modern aesthetic. C&K uses antiques of all periods and origins alongside modern artworks, custom made furniture, and exceptional textiles to create dynamic interiors that are complex and layered-always comfortable and never overly formal. With this fresh approach, the point of view is contemporary while still respecting the 30-year history of the company. Cullman & Kravis is consistently featured in major shelter publications and is included every year in the AD 100, Elle Decor A-List, and Luxe Gold List.

What's Next

“With everyone spending more time at home it has never been more important to maximize living spaces both inside and outside. We are focusing on creating more multi-functional rooms to allow for the multitasking that is needed when so many of us are staying home – office work, school work, play space, sickbay. A big focus is comfort in outdoor living and sourcing heated outdoor “furnishings and accessories for outdoor spaces to become living spaces.”