Fierce in her conviction and resilient in her approach, Anngelica Mohabir is a designer who shifts the energy in a room with powerful positivity. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication with a concentration in English from North Carolina Central University, a Historically Black College & University, and a Master of Arts in Interior Design from Marymount University in Arlington, VA. As a mission-driven community builder, Anngelica curates multi-faceted design narratives to center her clients in her work and honor their stories. And with every new project – from multi-family affordable housing to hospitality and senior living – she is driven by something courageous and joyful: the trust her clients place in her to interpret signals of home and belonging. Cultural connections are an important part of who she is and how she serves communities. Anngelica is determined to ensure every individual she serves feels welcomed and surrounded by those signals of belonging in her design. With her mantra Creativity is nothing more than a solid work ethic.


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