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“Home is our sanctuary — a safe space to gather, nourish, rest, and commune with family and friends. In these profound times, we now navigate these ideals as remote work interrupts the haven. I predict we must rethink plan and adjacencies in terms of public and private spaces within the home — modern open floorplans will now require a well-lit, sound compliant nook to manage work separate from safe private zones that belong only to living.”

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    As we find ourselves redefining home design in this profound time of global pandemic and social justice reckonings, I’ve been leaning toward textures and colors layered to comfort and inspire. I feel these pieces assembled together, would serve well for both cheerful virtual cocktails or productive remote meetings."

    Bridgid Coulter

    Bridgid Coulter Design

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    Maisy Off White

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    Lapis Sofa

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    Lollipop Lights

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    Satellite Table

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