Carlos Gutierrez

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After catering to the Architectural & Design world for approximately fifteen years, I have leveraged my vast experience in design and home furnishings, to provide my discerning list of A&D clients exceptional luxury products.  With a complementary background in Interior Design, Sales, Independent Brand Representation, and Showroom Management, it was only natural to launch this group.  My goal is to support creative designers and unique brands to help create beautiful interiors.  It is with great joy and pride that I introduce you to the beginning of the VeeKar collections.

What's Next

“The home is where creation, manifestation, peace, rest and sleep take place, therefore its one of the most important elements of one’s existence. For that reason, it is a reflection of our intentions and our accomplishments. I believe that 2020 has taught us to love and appreciate our home, so I predict people will be investing more in creating spaces that promote happiness and joy.”

  • Untitled design (63)

    Traditional Turkish craftsmanship meets one of the earth's natural materials to combine elegance and light in Feyza Kemahlioglu's Lace Fan Sconce.

    Carlos Gutierrez


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    Lace Fan Sconce

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    Drop Chair