Elena Frampton

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Elena’s initial design approach is instinctual. Her gift for understanding what the client really wants gives shape and feeling to a specific artistic vision for their interiors. Her design methodology is instinctive, rigorous and strategic, so that her magical animated projects come to life within specified timeframes and budgets. Art is intrinsic to her design process, and Elena expertly integrates a variety of mediums alongside architectural layers throughout her designs to more powerfully communicate who the client is. Elena’s sensitivity and nuanced listening skills, combined with her deep relationships with vendors and dealers, allow her to gently push the envelope to create something personally tailored yet unexpected. She challenges the boundaries between masculine and feminine, art and design, resulting in unrepeatable compositions. With a degree from the School of Architecture and Environmental Design at Arizona State University, Elena founded Frampton Co in 2015 after running a successful bi-coastal studio with a partner for the previous decade. She is an Allied member of The American Society of Interior Designers (ASID), has taught at Parsons The New School for Design and is a committee member of the Parrish Contemporaries Circle at the Parrish Art Museum.  A Southern California native, Elena lives in Manhattan and Bridgehampton.

What's Next

“More time in interior spaces offers reflection on what makes us “us” along with notions of enhanced livability – complementing the way we actually live. We’ve always prioritized products that allow customization, but are further emphasizing designs that combine honest ritual with expressive spaces and compelling artworks. We’re driven by new ideas and products and averse to trend. A personalized curatorial approach with each client serves as our guiding light.”