Ellen Hamilton

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Ellen Hamilton has spent more than three decades helping clients create beautiful and personal homes for themselves. Her work has been featured in Elle Décor, House Beautiful, Traditional Home, and other leading design publications. She has been regularly included in New York Spaces magazine’s “Top 50 NY Metro Designers.” From her current quarters in Manhattan overlooking historic Union Square, she works hand in hand with her clients to help them create beautiful, warm homes and helps them define what they love, creating spaces the deeply reflect their taste whilst introducing them to a plethora of different resources. She frequently travels to Europe to find unique products that she can bring to the attention of her American clients. Ellen worked for over a decade with several leading architecture and design firms, including Peter Marino and Fox & Fowle Architects before founding Hamilton Design Associates. In 1996 she transferred her business to Brooklyn Heights, near her home in neighboring Cobble Hill as the borough was emerging as New York’s center for artisanship, home to the workshops of individuals who form the backbone of fine interior design. Now back in the city, she continues to rely on the work of these exemplary craftsmen, and her network of Brooklyn-based artisans and contractors is complemented by her own eclectic sources.

What's Next

“I believe the future of Design for Interior Design practices will be in being exceptional. Exceptional in the work we do and the service we provide to our clients. A digital marketplace and availability of information will never rival being able to anticipate and fulfill client needs and create genuine beauty, which we all need now more than ever.”