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Eneia White studied Interior Design at The Art Institute of Washington, located just outside of Washington, DC. Upon graduation, she relocated to Los Angeles, where she began her career working for a variety of high-end design firms and staging companies with a focus on celebrity clientele. After a few years of designing custom multi-million dollar spaces on the west coast, she relocated to New York, where she continued building on her experiences within Manhattan based design firms. Two years ago, Eneia decided to leave the security of her salaried position, and apply her experiences to starting her own company. Eneia’s signature hand renderings have attracted new clients and the attention of fellow designers – whom she has created workshops to train on the importance of sketching throughout the design process. Eneia’s current project roster consists of residential and commercial clients across the US. 

What's Next

“The spaces I love most reflect the core of my client’s unique personality and lifestyle. I’m loving the trend of new homeowners breaking away from traditionally used color palettes, silhouettes and styles – and going for a more creative approach to outfitting their homes and apartments. In lieu of mimicking spaces they’ve found inspiration in, we’re trending towards installing high-personality pieces to create one-of-a-kind moments that you won’t find at the neighbors house!”