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For over twenty years Gil Walsh has been known as a master colorist. With painstaking attention to detail, her unabashed use of color, and a deep knowledge of the history and traditions of interior décor, she offers her clients extraordinary and vivid designs. Her education began with her study of fashion design and progressed with her Fine Arts degree which she received from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. Her passion for interior design blossomed when she designed all the sets and costumes for an avant-garde production of a play written by Pablo Picasso. Creating the sets ignited a passion in her that urged her to pursue the world of three dimensional design. Her works include being commissioned to oversee the redesign and refurbishing of three historical properties in Pennsylvania, including Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater. In the early 1980’s, over the span of four years, she worked with Edgar Kaufmann Jr. to replicate the fabrics of this architectural masterpiece. Currently she sits on the advisory committee for Fallingwater, which is now a part of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Gil’s design work is not defined by any one particular style. Classically trained, she studied every period of furniture, and every style of architecture, while absorbing incredible works of art in her travels. She gains inspiration from the masters, the impressionists, the surrealists and the contemporary art world. Her work is the sum total of all these disciplines. Gil and her team of passionate designers are visionaries that create unique environments evoking comfort, function, and style. Their graceful, elegant designs are “Where Style Lives.” View our website

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“While the world is dealing with the effects of COVID-19, smart home technology which was previously considered an added luxury is now becoming an integral part of the home’s design. The 2021 technology design trend is playing a large role in residential interiors. Because technology is ever-changing and evolving, it brings new and exciting challenges to our home office designs and integrated workspaces.”