John Douglas Eason

John Eason Headshot

John honed his unique aesthetic in the style obsessed culture of Dallas – Fort Worth. The dramatic interiors of his youth sampled freely from historic styles and imbued John with a broad design vocabulary. In his first decade as an interior designer, John developed refined and richly crafted spaces while working on the grand homes of Greenwich Connecticut. John’s longstanding Manhattan-based practice has enabled him to work closely with clients over the years, evolving with them as their homes and families change and grow.

At the core of John’s work lies a sophisticated modern sensibility, tempered by respect for traditional design. This can be seen in his strong, structured interiors, saturated with texture and softened with organic forms and unexpected colors. John’s deep knowledge of fabrics, finishes, furniture and furnishing, from contemporary to historical, is leveraged in every project. From international art & design fairs to hidden New York showrooms, John brings a wealth of knowledge and resources to every home he designs. Most importantly, John believes that every project is a shared personal vision that grows from communication and understanding with each client.

What's Next

“The future of interior design is the expressive home; spaces that assert the ideas and values of the client. This will look like many different things, but it still embraces tradition, perhaps in unexpected ways, because it is the bedrock of who we are. We, professionals, have at our disposal enormous options in materials and objects; they can be functional and comfortable while telling a beautiful story. But above all, it will be sustainable.”