Kesha Franklin

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Halden Interiors has earned a name for itself as one of New York’s stand-out, full-service design firms. Every detail curated at Halden begins from a place of deep exploration. The ability to interpret our clients’ needs and expectations are the cornerstone of our interior design philosophy. At Halden, we are unapologetically client-centric. We achieve design excellence because we care about individualism, that’s why our design process begins by listening and then we keep listening. In the hands of principal designer, Kesha Franklin, residential and hospitality spaces are transformed into stylish and well-appointed environments. Each space is expertly refined and functional. Our aim is to design luxury interiors with personality-stimulate the senses, evoke energy, inspiration, and a feeling of total well-being. Every step we take with you, through the design-research process, from curating the design concept and architectural detailing to furniture and art selections, is about visually articulating shared ideas and creating a stimulating living environment that you love being in and can retreat to. Past commissions include loft apartments, luxury residences, gut renovations, brownstones, holiday homes, and city pieds-a-terre.

What's Next

“The home living experience has always been about comfort, stimulating the senses and storytelling through one’s personal interests, aspirations and culture. Due to our current state of living, I predict integration of smart home devices will become a standard in interior design as homes become multifunctional spaces that need to accommodate, work, school and external living needs. In these uncertain times, the approach to home and design should encompass resources for a contained sustainable living environment.”