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Nicole Fuller, founder and principle of Nicole Fuller Interiors, is an internationally acclaimed interior designer renowned for her artfully appointed, one of a kind residential and commercial spaces. A member of ELLE Decor magazine’s coveted A-List and Luxe magazine’s Gold List, Nicole’s work is synonymous with sophisticated, nuanced luxury, where attention to detail, savoir-faire, and a cultivated eye culminate in spaces that are as singular as her clients. She believes in a holistic approach, and as such, her practice is a full-service design firm, specializing in ground-up building, interior architecture, and art advising. No detail is too small: Nicole is known for custom designing furniture, textiles, wall treatments– even scents– for spaces that are unequivocally bespoke. Moreover, she is nimble in her approach, conversant in a wide range of aesthetics and styles, and has an intuitive knack for discerning her client’s visual needs. From serene neutrals and minimal silhouettes to bold patterns and ebullient color, Nicole has a chameleon like ability in creating distinctive, personal homes. Having grown up in a creative environment with an artist mother, Nicole finds sustenance in art; she has spent her career cultivating relationships with top tier artists, gallerists, and nascent talent. She has a keen understanding of the art market and exclusive access. Nicole’s nuanced understanding of design and art has made her a favorite among the creative class spanning from artists to fashion designers whom she has had as long-standing clients, including Usher, Gianvito Rossi, Steven Klein, and Cass Bird. While she works with many boldfaced names, Nicole prizes discretion and has many clients for whom guarding privacy and anonymity is of the utmost importance. Nicole’s residential projects span from coast to coast, major European cities and the rural English countryside, and her commercial spaces are as diverse. Recent and current projects include the Art District Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles, the Baccarat residences, The Bryant Park Hotel, and 54 Macdougal, which she designed and oversaw from the ground up. Nicole continues to nurture her ongoing partnerships with brands such as Ann Sacks, The Rug Company, Fromental, Savoir Beds, and Dempsey & Carroll. Nicole Fuller Interiors is based in New York City, with a sister office in Los Angeles, and a satellite office in London, a city Nicole called home for many years. With a large team specializing in a number of fields, Nicole continues to retain personal relationships with her clients and complete creative oversight over every project she takes on.

What's Next

“There is a definite shift towards living in the “here and now” and the optimism in the city is exciting;  more creative and more meaning full.  It’s during these moments when artists flourish and positivity sets the city at a new pace. Clients and friends who have wanted to move for a while are doing it, either to live in another part of the city or moving out completely. They are not reactive moves, more proactive moves to realise something they have always wanted to do.  With this comes a new focus on the interiors with nature and bold colour palettes forming key elements to inspire brightness and confidence.”