Sabine Rothman

What's Next

“We’re learning to live with contradiction. We’re isolated and forging deep connections with family and friends. We understand ourselves in the context of the world outside and we’re taking this time to examine our core values and how we act on them. We welcome change and hold close what we hold dear. Now, as always, I see home as a hub where we embrace and shape the confluence of community and privacy—on our own terms. We can’t be all things to all people—nor do we want to—but we can accept complexity. We can learn about experience that’s not our own. And, we can come to understand our own experience more fully. Design solves problems. And right now, we’ve got a lot to solve. But I’m an eternal optimist. Collaboration. Inclusivity. Creativity. Care. Commitment. That’s the future of our industry. That’s the future of design.”