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Saudah Saleem is an award-winning, nationally published interior designer and influencer with exquisite design taste and an eye for style. Inspired by her love of fashion, culture, art, and history, Saudah creates beautifully curated, vibrant, layered spaces tailored to exceed clients’ expectations and fulfill their unique lifestyle needs. Her work infuses an inspiring mix of classic and eclectic design elements to create an aesthetic that is both sophisticated yet approachable. As a mom of 5, Saudah has mastered creating well-appointed spaces that are durable, multi-functional and designed for modern living. Her goal as a designer is to inspire others to refresh, re-imagine and fall in love with their living spaces.  Online, Saudah provides styling advice and helpful solutions to common decorating and challenges to an audience of over 22,000. When she’s not dishing about design or helping clients navigate revamping their spaces, Saudah’s juggling “mom duties” and tackling DIY​ projects at home.

What's Next

“As the world shifts and settles into this new reality, I think we’ll see an emergence of a more livable design with an emphasis on authenticity, multi-functionality, and smart technology integration to accommodate the new norms of spending more time at home. Unique furnishings, meaningful and sculptural accents, statement-making textiles that tell a story, and provide a comforting aesthetic will be in demand. People will gravitate to buying and investing in what they love and what resonates with their personal style over what’s trending.”