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Thomas Jayne is principal of New York City’s award-winning Jayne Design Studio. For over twenty-five years, the firm has designed modern rooms that reflect a strong connection to history and place. Jayne is recognized for his mastery of classical tradition, his creative use of color, and his facile use of contemporary elements in all of his interiors. Jayne’s training in architecture and decorative arts provided the fundamentals for his career in interior decoration. He received a master’s degree from the Winterthur Museum program in American material culture in 1983, and has held fellowships at the American Wing of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Historic Deerfield, and the J. Paul Getty Museum. In addition to his international practice, Jayne is a noted author, writing on historical themes in architecture and decoration. His most recent release, Classical Principles for Modern Design: Lessons from Edith Wharton and Ogden Codman’s The Decoration of Houses (2018), was highly acclaimed.

What's Next

“I think as we move forward we will increasingly combine the old and new, the classical and modern – rooms that are all modern or all antique do not age as well. People are seeking rooms that are both new and fresh, as well as familiarly comfortable. I’ve always believed that successful contemporary interiors belong to a historic continuum and I can see us continuing towards an authentic, meaningful design that transcends trends or one specific style.”