Tina Ramchandani

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At Tina Ramchandani Creative (TRC) we design warm, modern interiors that fully capture our clients’ polished lifestyles. Our passion — Soulful Minimalism™ — allows our clients to experience life surrounded by the things that matter, so they can focus on the people that matter. We set the design vision and provide strong implementation, allowing our clients to move into beautifully completed homes. But “beautiful” isn’t the whole story…having a home designed to function perfectly, easily, and completely tailored to our clients is just as important. Into our signature style, we incorporate our global perspective, and our infatuation for amazingly crafted, custom elements. We go wherever the work takes us, bringing our love for beauty, and obsession with design, to each of our homes. There are so many things we love about our work, but above all, it’s this:  we really believe great design lets us live the life that inspires us every day. Tina Ramchandani developed her design expertise with several top tier, high-end residential and commercial interior design firms in Manhattan, including Vicente Wolf Associates, which led to the formation of Tina Ramchandani Creative in 2014. Ms. Ramchandani’s twin passions for amazing travel experiences and gorgeous design discoveries inform her work and her spirit. Tina’s work has been nationally recognized by publications including Elle Décor, The Wall Street Journal, Architectural Digest, Cottages & Gardens, Lonny, Gotham, and Cover. She was most recently named an IDA winner by New York Cottages and Gardens and “2018 Next Wave” designer by House Beautiful. TRC is based in Manhattan, where Tina leads her team of talented designers. It also happens to be the city where she lives with her husband, Ajay, and spunky dog, Figaro.

What's Next

“Our home reflects who we are, what we believe in, and what we feel is important. This year specifically, our homes are our safe spots. They’re one of the only things we can control. I design homes that fully capture my clients’ lifestyles and identities. To me, a home is where you get to experience your daily life surrounded by the things that matter and—even more–by the people that matter. Pre-pandemic the interior design industry was on an upwards trajectory and home design was trending. Since the world at large has been forced to slow down and stay in one place everyone has taken a look around and asked themselves how they can improve their surroundings and their lives. Interior designers are needed more than ever.”