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Join Us for WNWN 2023

  • 10.00 am

    The Art of Design

    David SutherlandSuite: 117


    11.00 am

    Design your Future: Navigating Industry Challenges and Making Wise Choices for Young Creatives

    VerellenSuite: 801

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    11.00 am

    Paving Your Own Way

    FAIRSuite: 1601

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    11.15 am

    What does Quiet Luxury mean in interiors?

    de Le CuonaSuite: 1618

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    11.15 am

    The Asian American Experience: A Conversation with Five Founders & Entrepreneurs

    John Pomp ShowroomSuite: 1201


    11.30 am

    Influence of Nature on Lighting

    Visual Comfort & Co.Suite: 103

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    11.45 am

    The Practical Magic of Craft: Creating Bespoke Work with Artists and Artisans

    Fromental | Collier WebbSuite: 511New Showroom


    12.00 pm

    A Modern Movement: Women in Architecture

    Crosby Street StudiosSuite: 1303

    Interior Design Logo WNWN

    12.00 pm

    Designing with Influence: Living by Design Showhouse Designers on Creating their Virtual Dream Home

    PalecekSuite: 705


    12.15 pm

    The Business of Design

    Leftbank ArtSuite: 610


    12.30 pm

    Passport to Inspiration: A Guide to Defining Your Personal Brand

    BakerSuite: 300

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    12.45 pm

    Story of Zanat

    LepereSuite: 1207

    NYCxDesign_Ode to NYC

    12.45 pm

    Let’s Talk… What’s NEW and NOW in Design!

    Theodore AlexanderSuite: 515


    1.00 pm

    Designer's Designing Their Own Homes

    Sherrill Furniture BrandsSuite: 808


    1.00 pm

    The Exploration of Creative Collaborations

    AmunealSuite: 1314


    1.15 pm

    Weaving Artistry and Craftmanship into Interiors

    JD StaronSuite: 510


    1.15 pm

    Today’s Fresh New Take on Traditional

    Century FurnitureSuite: 200

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    1.30 pm

    Benjamin Moore Designer Book Club

    Benjamin MooreSuite: 814


    1.45 pm

    Floor to Ceiling: How to Design with Art in Mind

    NASIRISuite: 714

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    1.45 pm

    Around the World in Color

    Rosemary HallgartenSuite: 401


    2.00 pm

    Uultis Open House

    UultisSuite: 430New Showroom


    2.00 pm - 4.00 pm

    The Met x Ann Gish: Outdoors

    Ann Gish & The Art of HomeSuite: 402


    2.15 pm

    Girl Power: A Look Inside the Storied Decorators Club of New York

    1600Suite: 1600


    2.15 pm

    Lee Jofa's 200th Anniversary Celebration

    KravetSuite: 210

    Connecticut Cottages and Gardens Logo WNWN

    2.30 pm - 4.30 pm

    SIP & SHOP at Sedgwick & Brattle

    Sedgwick & BrattleSuite: 815

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    2.30 pm

    Around The World In One Hour With Mary McDonald And Tori Mellott

    Jennifer Manners Modern CarpetsSuite: 911New Showroom

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    2.45 pm

    "The Joy of Home" book signing

    Ngala Trading Co.Suite: 412

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    2.45 pm

    Creating a Home that Replenishes the Creative Spirit.

    Jiun Ho NYSuite: 1208

    Jiun Ho_website

    3.00 pm

    Mission (Im)possible: The 4 ‘W’s of Kip’s Bay Showhouse Participation

    VaughanSuite: 607New Showroom


    3.00 pm

    Legacy Designers: The Art of Creating Enduring and Iconic Designs

    ArteriorsSuite: 202


    3.00 pm

    Perspectives: Shifting Material Planes

    MeridaSuite: 500

    Merida Logo_WNWN

    3.00 pm - 5.00 pm

    English Tea with Julian Chichester

    Julian ChichesterSuite: 604

    JUL_JC_Name_Teal_no_border_HR (002)

    3.00 pm - 4.00 pm

    Lighting Beyond Edison: Brilliant Residential Lighting Techniques in the Age of LED’s

    Metropolitan LightingSuite: 512

    Metropolitan Lighting Logo_WNWN

    3.15 pm

    Celebrating 40 Years of Timeless Style with Ralph Lauren Home

    Ralph Lauren HomeSuite: 700


    3.15 pm

    The Changing Landscape of the Design Profession

    Harbour OutdoorSuite: 713/715

    design leaders

    3.15 pm

    Max Humphrey "Lodge" Book Signing

    PindlerSuite: 615

    Pindler Logo_WNWN

    3.30 pm

    What’s It?

    The Gallery at 200 LexSuite: 1000


    3.30 pm - 5.00 pm

    Celebration of Color: Visual Language of Personal Expression

    Pom RugsSuite: 912

    Pom Rugs Logo 3 Vector

    3.45 pm

    Luxury Living in the Great Outdoors

    Royal BotaniaSuite: 400

    Aspire magazine

    3.45 pm

    Diversifying Your Brand: A Creative Conversation with Designers Ashley Childers, Kathy Kuo, Barette Widell, and Christina Boschetti

    Global Views/Studio A HomeSuite: 612

    Global Views_Studio A Home Logo_WNWN

    3.45 pm

    Design Is Spiritual™: Creating Spaces, Objects and Experiences That Make Clients Feel Whole Again

    SkramSuite: 802

    Skram logo

    4.00 pm

    House Beautiful Next Wave Class of 2023 *Masterclass* Design Journey, Must Haves and Modern Sensibilities

    The Rug CompanySuite: 1515

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    4.00 pm - 6.00 pm

    Tom Faulkner Cocktail Party

    Tom FaulknerSuite: 425New Showroom

    Tom Faulkner logo

    4.15 pm

    Luxury Design Is In the Details

    The Bright GroupSuite: 902


    4.15 pm - 6.00 pm

    Understanding Performance Fabrics

    AproposSuite: 710

    4.30 pm - 7.00 pm

    Abby Modell Glass Artist

    Lorin MarshSuite: 809

    Lorin Marsh Logo

    4.30 pm

    Learn from Top Designers Why They Chose Kips Bay

    Dennis Miller New YorkSuite: 1210


    4.45 pm

    Desiron and Kravet Host: Defining Craft in a Modern World

    DesironSuite: 611

    Desiron Logo

    5.00 pm - 7.00 pm

    Wexler Gallery presents Fourth House

    Wexler GallerySuite: 431

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    5.00 pm

    Evolution of Outdoor Living

    Brown JordanSuite: 302New Showroom

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    5.00 pm

    The Influence Of Art On Interiors

    KGBLSuite: 1616

    KGBL Logo

    5.15 pm - 6.15 pm

    Slim Aarons: Style Book Signing

    Interlude HomeSuite: 608

    Interlude Home Logo_WNWN

    5.15 pm

    60 Years of Design Innovation and the Beginning of What’s Next

    SonnemanSuite: 201

    Sonneman Logo_website

    5.15 pm

    Sossego Soiree

    SOSSEGO | Modern Brazilian DesignSuite: 1301


    5.30 pm

    Timeless Upholstery

    Avery BoardmanSuite: 712

    Avery Boardman Logo_website

    5.45 pm

    A Seat at the Table: The Art of Designing the Perfect Dining Room.

    Cliff Young LtdSuite: 505


    6.00 pm

    Design connections through Sculptural Art

    Cosulich Interiors & AntiquesSuite: 509

    Cosulich Logo_WNWN

    6.00 pm

    New Guard: The Future of Antiques

    Guy RegalSuite: 806

    Guy Regal Logo_WNWN

    6.00 pm

    Color and Material Impact in Workplace and Healthcare with Material Bank and Pallas

    KISuite: 1313

    Material Bank

    All Day

    Open House

    Calger LightingSuite: 434

    Calger Lighting Logo_WNWN

    All Day

    MQ Showroom Open House

    MQ ShowroomSuite: 416New Showroom


    All Day

    A Breath of Fresh Air in the Fermob Color Chart!

    FermobSuite: 414New Showroom


    All Day

    Passage l New Furniture Art Collection

    RinckSuite: 424

    Rinck Logo

    All Day

    A Celebration: Thirty Years of Extraordinary

    Woodworks by Ted ToddSuite: 408New Showroom

    All Day

    De La Vega Designs Showroom Open House

    De La Vega DesignsSuite: 1316New Showroom

    De La Vega Logo NYDC