Alex grew up in the suburbs of Chicago, where she lives now with her husband, and two kids. After she began what she believed to be her dream career in advertising, she quickly realized design was her calling after starting a lifestyle blog in 2009. She attended a post-graduate program, at Harrington College of Design and went on to open her firm, Alexandra Kaehler Design in 2011.

We believe the most important thing is to fill your house with things you love. The “aesthetic” will build on that. There is nothing better than looking around your home and seeing things that make you happy. Second, nothing should be too fragile or delicate that you aren’t able to enjoy it. A home is meant to be loved and lived in. That can mean different things to different people, but the overarching philosophy is still the same.

Our style is best described as eclectic. The tension of different things makes a space interesting—shiny with matte, square with round, feminine with masculine. We like all different time periods and aesthetics, so mixing them is the perfect way to create a space in our eyes.


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