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Meet Antonio. I’m a New Yorker with a love for the California sun… Living in New York & Los Angeles with a global state of mind equals the best of both worlds. I get up every single day to change the way people live through art, light and design. For me, taking a non functional space and transforming it into the most popular room in the home, is a dream come true. I have tackled projects ranging from flats in Hong Kong to million dollar estates in the Hamptons to sprawling ranch homes in Ojai CA. Each project is an exploration of you and how you will live in the space. My love for décor and design started early. I realized that I wanted to use my talents outside of the sales floor or cubicle. I started my design business in 2014 and my main goal still to this day is to bring quality, as well as affordable designs to any consumer. I can’t wait to work with you!

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