Evelyn’s interior design philosophy revolves around the concept of “understated luxury,” a concept she achieves through layers of rich color, organic shapes, and meticulously crafted lighting. She understands that each space has a story to tell, and she weaves that narrative into every aspect of her designs. Evelyn’s projects are bold and exuberant, yes, but they possess an enduring quality that defies passing fads. With every stroke of her creative genius, she crafts spaces that are both visually stunning and deeply meaningful. For Evelyn, it’s not just about creating beautiful interiors; it’s about promoting wellness and well-being. Each space she designs is carefully crafted to nurture a sense of balance and tranquility, encouraging a harmonious connection between people and their surroundings. The result is not just a stunning design but an immersive experience that enriches lives. When you work with Evelyn and New York Interior Design, you’re not just hiring a designer; you’re embarking on a journey of transformation. Together, you’ll create a space that reflects your individuality, tells your story, and becomes a sanctuary of beauty.

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