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Leslie Banker, a native New Yorker, believes that a home, or any interior space, should make its inhabitants happy, healthy, and productive. On all her projects she starts with this point of view and works with clients to develop a plan for how their environment can support them in living their best lives. Leslie joined her mother’s relaunched firm, Pamela Banker, Inc., in 1999. The firm—which was established in 1966—had been paused while Pamela assumed principal designer roles at McMillan in the 1980s and Parish Hadley in the 1990s. The newly launched firm continued until Pamela’s death in 2013. Leslie then carried on the business, maintaining relationships with many clients who had been with the firm for generations. Today, Leslie has interior design clients up and down the East Coast and beyond. Leslie is the co-author, with her late mother Pamela Banker, of The Pocket Decorator and The Pocket Renovator, both published by Rizzoli. She is the author of the new book Think Like a Decorator, published by Rizzoli in Spring 2023.

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