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Peti Lau is an International Interior Designer with over a decade of residential and commercial experience. She has worked with top interior design firms including Cullman & Kravis, Jeff LincolnHuniford Design Studio, and iCrave.  She holds a degree from the New York School of Interior Design, and has studied historical architecture and interiors in London. Her designs have been featured in multiple magazines, including Architectural Digest, House Beautiful, Wall Street Journal Off Duty, The Cover of Coveted Magazine, Apartment Therapy, NYC&G, where she was profiled as a “Rising Star”.  She has been featured as a finalist in both New Trad of Traditional House, and Innovation Designer 2016 for NYC&G. Peti Lau has developed a signature style she coined AristoFreak™.  Described as “A Modern Bohemian Eclectic”. Peti expresses her worldly inspirations with eclectic colors, patterns and textures to create romance and moods in all of her spaces. AristoFreak™ emerged from Peti’s early career in Thailand, Mauritius, and Europe through her adventures as an expatriate, influenced by her love of art, travel and lifestyle. She believes that good designs should always have an opportunity to tell a story of the people who inhabit the spaces, and through storytelling is how we all connect as humans. Over the past decade, Peti Lau’s projects have brought her to locations in London and Brighton in U.K., Koh Samui Thailand, Dubai, India, Mexico, and Mauritius.  Her eclectic style has attracted a wide range of clients including celebrities, restaurants & bars, and private homes around the globe.

What's Next

There is a lot of shuffling going around the entire country. Whether a lot of people are moving out of cities and living an alternative lifestyle closer to nature and finding more peace. Properties have been selling like hotcakes. Because the things that mattered before aren’t so important anymore, many people are now taking the time to really think about what they want to do with their lives, and where they really want to live, how they want to live their lives. With the uncertainty of the world, many people are feeling the solace in putting their energy into creating a home they’ve always wanted. Mostly because we’ve all had to stay home! And it gave us an opportunity to slow down, connect with what really makes us happy, and realizing how important creating a sanctuary, what a home really means. Perhaps pre-COVID, a lot of people were too busy running around and never had enough time to spend at home. I think being at home now needs to feel good, cozy, and peaceful, but it also has to be multifunctional. We now look at home in ways that we never had to before. And for us designers, it gives us an opportunity to really shine a light on our work. Working with a designer now to help create that dream home they’ve always wanted is so much more attainable and so needed, more so than ever before. The design industry I feel is going to grow stronger within our community. Meaning I’ve felt that we’ve even bonded closer than before, being more supportive of each other throughout the difficult times. There have been relationships that have formed throughout the pandemic that I think are long-lasting throughout our careers. Whether they are friendships, camaraderie, or business relationship. I have to say that during quarantine with all the zoom calls the industry was hosting, that I felt so proud and so honored to be in such an amazing community of people with such big hearts. The industry is so big and yet so small. We have so many sectors in the industry that it’s really incredible to step back and take a look at all the moving parts, and how integral each sector is. Everyone really pulled together to be as supportive as possible. That made me truly feel like I belonged and I was a part of a fantastic community and industry with a lot of heart. Ultimately I feel our industry will flourish first at the top of the food chain, as there is money to be spent, and later as the economy starts to recover and pick up again, people who can afford to invest in their homes will now understand the essentials of Living with Good Design.”