Rachael Grochowski

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A licensed architect in New York and New Jersey, Rachael Grochowski is the Founder and Principal of RHG Architecture + Design, an award-winning firm she launched in 2003 after attaining senior design positions at S. Russell Groves, Tihany Design in NYC, and Director of Design at Des-Syn. She has had the pleasure of working internationally on distinctive residential and commercial projects in retail, hospitality, wellness, and other branded environments.  Whether she’s fusing historic homes with modern themes or designing original contemporary structures, Rachael finds joy in creating spaces that resonate on a physical and emotional level. In addition to leading her firm, Rachael is an exhibited artist, furniture designer (Legend by RG), and founder of a hand-sewn home accessories line ( RG).  She passionately believes that art, architecture, and design have the power to build community and enhance our quality of life.  Her work has been featured in Interior Design, Aspire, Hospitality Design, Open House NYC, DesignNJ, among others.

What's Next

“Design will be more widely understood as an opportunity to support wellness. Design is multi-sensory; it engages touch, sight, smell, sound and even taste.  Whether we are conscious of it or not, through the sixth sense we intuitively read a space and our nervous systems respond, making us feel calm, stimulated, or perhaps even confused. As we embrace these concepts, we elevate the integral link between wellness and design.”